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Advanced Firearm Simulation Training

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We strive to offer the most comprehensive civilian, law enforcement, and securities firearm

instruction and training in the industry via expert one-on-one consultation and use of state-of-the-art firearm simulation equipment previously only available to military and law enforcement personnel.

Dedicated Instructors

At Aspis Training Solutions LLC our instructors are highly trained and qualified to provide our clients with the skills they need to survive any threat encounters.

High-Quality Equipment

The FATS (Firearms Training Systems) system is widely recognized as one of the best training tools available to simulate the stress of real-life encounters in a controlled environment. If used correctly, video simulation represents a unique and invaluable tool in the training and education of personnel. By training with Aspis Training Solutions LLC, you can be assured that you will be training with the latest, most comprehensive technology available.

Training Solutions

Law Enforcement and Securities

Aspis Training Solutions LLC is designed to provide law enforcement and private security agencies with the very best available training system, FATS (Firearms Training Systems), for their officers.


Our instructors provide one-on-one interface with our clients. When combined with the FATS (Firearms Training Systems) availability of a broad range of up-to-date training scenarios, we offer the very best and most proven training method available.

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Advanced Firearm Simulation Training

We believe that how well anyone performs under stress is based in large part on the quality of training received prior to the event’s occurrence. Aspis Training Solutions LLC is committed to providing high quality reality-based training at a reasonable cost.

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